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In C&E: Why Campaigns Should Hire Digital-First Operatives in Senior Roles

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Here's an excerpt of an Campaign & Elections op-ed written by Andrew Eldredge-Martin, Measured Campaigns President:

Bringing more digital-first strategists into management and senior advisor roles will help the Democratic Party confront the constantly changing political environment and the evolving resource allocation challenges we face.
For example, a recent Priorities USA analysis showed that in 2020 Democrats invested 77 percent of spending in traditional media, despite Americans spending almost 40 percent more time with digital channels.
Similarly, in an analysis of general election media consumption in Wisconsin, 40 percent of viewers consumed only digital OTT content, and no linear television. But on those same TV screens, 62 percent of political ad impressions were bought on linear TV. This analysis was based on MiQ data on 20M television homes nationally.
My recommendation: the next manager applicant you interview, ask them what they think about media consumption trends, paid media mix and how they would approach these challenges.

Read the full piece in Campaigns & Elections.

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